Cutting Systems

Water Cutting – Water Jet Dynamic Flow

At our shops, we use the Water Jet Dynamic Flow water cutting system (head driven by 5-axes, high-accuracy kinematics). This type of cutting allowed eliminating the structural deformations that hot cutting invariably produce on the materials and has capabilities unattainable by first-generation technology.

The Active Tolerance Control system can produce very complex pieces, guaranteeing accuracy and producing any shape.

Cutting speed is clearly higher in comparison with traditional water jet machines: start-up is quick and no tool changes are required to cut the shapes, which are intersected to guarantee maximum profitability.

Thanks to this equipment, in the Acier Steel workshops it is possible to cut any material (stainless steel, tempered steel, carbon steel, carbon fibre, titanium, inconel, hastalloy, copper, aluminium, glass, glass-reinforced plastics, ceramics, quartz, stone, granite, marble, stones, rolled sections, flammable materials, plastics, wood) with thickness up to 150 mm, and waste is definitely eliminated: every piece of material is re-used in the work process.

The integrity of the raw material is unchanged, and its potentialities are fully exploited: neither chemical or structural modifications, nor micro-fractures are present.

Moreover, no grease or oil use is required, and the material is treated in a “clean” environment.

These features favour clear savings on production costs.

In comparison with laser cutting, this technology can also operate on reflecting materials, such as aluminium or copper, guaranteeing better accuracy in the curves and in the corners.

Pantograph for Torch and Plasma Cutting

The state-of-the-art equipment of Acier Steel includes the Lineatech Red “40” oxyacetylene and plasma cutting system, which can operate on iron, stainless steel and aluminium rolled sections.

Its properly sized mechanical structure, designed to withstand high torsional stresses and to bear the dynamic weight of the transversal carriers, as well as its state-of-the-art electronics, guarantee the optimal dynamic behaviour of the machine that allows obtaining extremely accurate cuts, especially noticeable on the pieces with sharp edges.

The gas distribution system is fully automatic and the cutting capability of an individual torch is up to 250 millimetres.

Technical Characteristics

Available cutting length:

  • available transversal cutting length: 2,500 mm
  • available longitudinal cutting length: 12,000 mm

Cutting thickness (carbon steel):

  • breakout thickness: up to 32 mm on carbon steel
  • maximum cutting thickness (starting from the edge): up to 64 mm on carbon steel