Metal Carpentry and Piping

The core business of Acier Steel consists of carpentry and piping works in the nautical sectors: we engage in the construction of metal details, we perform ordinary maintenance and we implement the modifications requested by our customers.

We work on all the metal parts of the vessel: from parts to systems (water, ventilation, oil and fuel, passage/fastening of electrical components), to furnishing (doors, windows, partitions, handrails…).

Here are our main activities:

  • Stainless steel, iron and aluminium carpentry
  • production of engine exhaust gas pipes, handrails, supports and bases, equipment arrangement, installation of anti-vibration systems and water systems (white/black sewage, sea chest, discharges) made of stainless steel, iron, cupronickel, aluminium, PVC and pressfitting;
  • polishing and satin-finishing of stainless steel;
  • superficial treatments: sandblasting, primer coating, hot zinc-plating, painting, PVD.

Our welders are certified by RINA.

We also operate in the civil and industrial sector.