Products and Services

In the nautical (yachts and ships) sector, we carry out modifications, repairs and maintenance of parts and systems.
We perform the PVD colouring of metal details. The titanium-based deposit makes the treatment especially resistant and lasts 10 years; brass, by way of example, no longer requires the constant use of abrasive products: it is sufficient to use a cloth to remove the residues that invariably develop, such as the saline ones.
We also carry out the manual or mechanical polishing of stainless steel details, obtaining glossy or satin finishes. These operation may also be performed outdoors and require a fairly short amount of time.
Our Water Jet Dynamic Flow water cutting system allows more accurate working compared with conventional cutting and then it can also be used for mechanical pieces.

In the civil sector, we build parts in stainless steel, iron and aluminium such as fences, shelters, railings as well as anything else required for construction and maintenance. We provide window frames made of polished or satin-finished stainless steel (especially suitable for the marine environment) or of bronze.
Where required, we provide to perform sandblasting, primer coating, hot zinc-plating and painting of the requested material.

Works and Equipment